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Sofa Protector 

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Practical sofa covers for better protection

Protect and cover your sofas quickly and effectively. With a sofa cover you get extra protection without completely hiding your sofa.

Sofa slipcovers have a stronger fabric and their effect once in place is impeccable, it does not move and also covers the main areas exposed to friction, so you can achieve very original combinations. They are easy to fit and remove, making them the perfect solution for both everyday and occasional use.

Cheap Salvasofas

In our online shop of sofa covers you have at your disposal several models of salvasofas in different sizes, with a wide range of colours and textures and a very special decoration. And we even have reversible sofa covers, such as the Alma model and the Klippan model.

Offering a solution for the protection of your sofas is good, but if you could also coordinate all the sofas and armchairs in the room it would be even better, don't you think? Well, you should know that, in addition to having online sofa covers for standard sofas and armchairs, we also have sofa protectors for chaise longue sofas.

Models to choose from in your sofa saver at the best price

Getting a sofa saver at an economical price will not be a problem because at Maxifundas we have different models with very different prices. In fact, buying a sofa saver will be much cheaper than buying a conventional sofa cover and you will fulfil the same functions with both products.

You now have a new solution for dressing up your sofas and armchairs, whether they are new or already showing signs of wear and tear, with the sofa covers available in our shop.

Transform your living room with sofa covers: style and protection

Want to give your living room a new look without spending a lot of money? Sofa covers are the perfect solution to change the look of your space quickly and inexpensively. As well as being an affordable option, the variety of fabrics and styles available will allow you to choose the best option for your home. Not only will you be adding a touch of style and modernity, but you will also be protecting your furniture from stains, scratches and wear and tear, prolonging its lifespan.

Imagine changing the look of your living room whenever you want, just by changing the sofa cover. Modern sofa covers offer a variety of designs and colours to suit your personality and taste.

Do you have children or pets? No problem, a sofa cover will allow you to protect your sofa from the mischief of the little ones and the furry ones, without sacrificing aesthetics and comfort.

Whether you have a 3-seater sofa or a smaller 1 or 2-seater sofa, you can always find cheap sofa covers to suit your needs. Take this opportunity to give your living room a new lease of life and protect your furniture in style!

Chaise longue sofa covers and conventional sofa covers: comfort and elegance in your home

Do you have a chaise longue sofa or a conventional sofa? No matter which is the case, sofa covers are designed for use on any type of sofa, providing a perfect fit and an elegant finish.

If you are looking to add sophistication and comfort to your home, a chaise longue sofa cover is a perfect choice that will protect and enhance the beauty of your furniture. Discover also the elastic and multi-elastic chaise longue sofa covers.

Sofa covers are the key element that brings comfort and style to your space. Available in a wide range of colours and different textures, they allow you to personalise your living room to the maximum and adapt it to any occasion. Whether you want a touch of colour in your living room or a more sober design, at Fundasdesofa you will find the ideal option.

And if what you need is a 3 seater sofa cover, you can also enjoy a wide selection of models that will fit your sofa perfectly. Not only will you achieve a renewed and stylish look, but you will also give your sofa a layer of protection to keep it looking like new for longer.

Give your home a special touch with sofa covers and enjoy a comfortable and stylish living room!

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