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Bi-stretch sofa covers 

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Buy multielastic sofa covers online

Bi-elastic or multi-elastic sofa covers, made with bi-elastic fabric, with a greater adaptability to more voluminous sofas and compatible with fixed seat sofas.

Buying multielastic covers online is very easy thanks to the wide selection of models and colours available in this section. The multielastic sofa covers will be your perfect ally to renew your old sofa and give it a whole new look.

It is not complicated to buy cheap multielastic sofa covers without sacrificing quality and great design thanks to firms like Maxicovers.

Why choose bielastic sofa covers?

Multielastic sofa covers or also called bielastic sofa covers adapt completely to the contour of the sofa thanks to its fabric, which can be stretched both vertically and horizontally, thus providing the sofa cover with maximum adaptability.

At Maxicovers you can find original multielastic covers, both plain and with printed designs. In addition, the sofa covers include a fastening system based on a system that includes elastic bands at the bottom of the product and polyurethane foams.

The most beautiful cheap multielastic sofa covers for your living room

If you want to buy multielastic sofa covers, do not hesitate, Maxicovers is your best option. In this section you can find any type of multielastic sofa cover available in 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater and 4 seater sizes, or in duo or trio mode, as is the case of the Clarissa multielastic sofa cover.

In addition, we also have covers for chaise longue sofa, chair covers or sofa bed covers, and many more types of covers made with multielastic fabric.

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